Make Sure Your Product is Secure

Security is an important consideration when searching for order fulfillment services.  You should feel confident that the correct security is in place so your product is protected at all times.  Monitoring and alarm system procedures should be in place at fulfillment facilities for maximum assurance they are able to accommodate your security concerns.

Choosing a Secure Fulfillment CenterFulfillment Services - Exact Fulfillment MN

When choosing to use product fulfillment services, tadalafil the following is a list of minimum requirements to ensure adequate security for your product.

  • Surveillance cameras that monitor all warehouse areas.
  • Restriction of access to secured areas to project-specific employees only.
  • Security alarm system in place to activate during non-business hours with a designated call list if alarm is sounded.
  • Adequate exterior lighting to allow visibility of warehouse and parking lot by law enforcement.
  • Sufficient heating/cooling environments for employees as well as to support specific inventory storage requirements.
  • Attentive customer inventory management with an ongoing process of product control and oversight by designated project employees.
  • Trained employees to watch for suspicious individuals and behavior in order to report potential problems to management.
  • Periodic training sessions and mandatory drills for fire emergencies, viagra 100mg evacuations and security breach scenarios.
  • Secure sign-in procedure in place along with escorted visitor policy.  Awareness of vendors that service the facility to assure legitimacy of facility entrance.

Peace of Mind

If your fulfillment company can show evidence that these simple guidelines are being followed, hospital you can feel pretty confident about the physical safety of your inventory.  For additional information about the security practices in place at Exact Fulfillment, please visit our website at

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