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You could be wasting money with every widget you ship.  Look for a fulfillment provider that asks questions.  These are the providers that will create a customized shipping plan for you, one that will help you find ways to lower your shipping costs by pairing you with the right packaging and the best carrier suited to your specific needs.  You want a fulfillment provider that will help you ship for less.

Every little bit adds up!

A fulfillment provider will look at your product and packaging and determine if they can utilize one of their more cost effective containers that have worked well for other customers, thus reducing the weight of each package shipped.  Because package weight is a big part of shipping costs, they will look for ways it can be reduced in order to save you money.

Not all fulfillment companies are transparent.  Does the fulfillment provider have their per order and per item fees listed on their website?  If so, and you know your product is ready to launch, ask for a bigger “quantity shipped per month” discount.  By the time you are shipping the required number of units per month, you will have saved money.  Once your monthly orders exceed the quoted costs, you will already have the lesser shipping costs in place.


Your fulfillment provider should desire to be your fulfillment partner, continually on the lookout for more efficient and economical ways to ship and process your orders.  Exact Fulfillment is just that kind of company.  They will not only warehouse and ship your product, but they will strive to be an extension of your business in order to help you develop the best shipping methods to optimize your shipping costs.

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