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Save Money & Improve Efficiency

Save money and improve efficiency with Just in Time inventory management.  Never have more inventory on hand than necessary!

More Time To Do What You Are Meant To Do

Save yourself the frustration that can come with product distribution.  No matter what your needs are, we have your back.

No Automated Phone Systems, Just Humans

We are real people, focused on high quality service.  Don’t settle for a robot when you don’t have to.  Contact us today!

We Manage International Fulfillment Needs - At a Better Rate!
International Fulfillment Services Company Exact Fulfillment

Services We Offer At a Glance

Delivery of your product is important to you. At Exact Fulfillment, we take that seriously. Whatever your needs are, we will strive to meet them. We can package and ship your orders cheaper than you can…and save you the frustration that comes with product distribution.

Same day shipment for orders received
Shipping savings passed on to you
Storage of product at our facility
Pick, Pack & Order Processing
Tracking notifications by email to your customers for product shipped
Just in Time inventory management
Certificate of confirmation standards
Return processing
No automated phone system – real people focused on high quality service

Get Started Today!
Features and Benefits

Our Web Based System

Our web-based system offers the ability to track orders, manage inventory in real-time, automatically send and receive emails for shipping and delivery confirmation, remotely manage orders that can be sent individually or as a file, and run valuable reports at the click of a button.

A Second Set of Eyes

Fulfillment companies are distribution specialists.  We promise to look for ways for you to improve and save even more by making suggestions.

Saving Money and Increasing Profits

Bulk purchasing of packaging material saves money, and those savings should be shared with you. Deeper shipping discounts can be realized depending on your order volume and shipping methods.

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