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There may be many services to choose when using fulfillment, but you only pay for those you need. This decreases your cost for doing business providing you with increased profits. A healthy profit margin will allow you the freedom to invest in strategic planning strategies in order to maintain your competitive edge.

Accuracy is vital! Look for a fulfillment company that can provide the necessary tools to ensure efficient

and accurate order processing. A web-based order processing and inventory management system in real-time provides the tools needed to ensure state-of-the art service to your customers. Also important is having access to well-trained and efficient staff providing streamlined pick pack services and optimal receiving and returns processing.

Business decisions become easier when reports are available. A good order processing/inventory control management system will provide the tools necessary to access historical data for purchase forecasting, choose appropriate shipping methods, and more.

The bottom line is reducing costs in order to hit your targeted profit margins.  Due to bulk shipping, fulfillment companies receive discounts from the shipping companies they utilize.  Make sure they are sharing these discounts with you.  With the right fulfillment services provider, you should be able to reduce shipping costs in order to hit your target.