Whether you are a startup, already outsourcing, or considering outsourcing — our Fulfillment Rates are extremely affordable!

In addition to our low fees, here are some discounts we provide that most fulfillment companies do not:

No Setup Fees
No Minimums
No “Account Processing Fees”
No Receiving Fees
50% discount on inbound freight
Discounts on OS3 surcharges
Discounts on signature required (Fedex shipments)
Packaging is included in our rates for orders less than 1 cubic foot in volume

Lower Fulfillment Rates!

Often, our fulfillment rates are lower than the competition by 10-20 percent, but we have seen several accounts where we were as much as 50% less ! Our flat-rate shipping options not only provide our clients with predictable costs, but they are also heavily discounted. Shipping discounts alone will typically cover the fulfillment fees we charge!

We also offer several flat-rate shipping options: Ground, 2-Day, and Next Day delivery.  Total Predictability.

Fulfillment Fees*

* Other factors may alter fulfillment fees such as very heavy items, or inventory that can only be moved on pallets, or requires special handling, etc.

Monthly Order Vollume
  • $1.60 per order
  • $0.40 per item
  • 20 free bins
Monthly Order Vollume
  • $1.25 per order
  • $0.35 per item
  • 30 free bins
Monthly Order Vollume
  • $0.85 per order
  • $0.30 per item
  • 50 free bins
Monthly Order Vollume
  • Requires Custom Quote
  • Requires Custom Quote
  • Requires Custom Quote

Shipping Discounts**

**FedEx Discounts do not apply to surcharges (signature required, fuel, etc.)

Monthly Order Vollume
  • FedEx Ground 5%
  • FedEx 2 Day 5%
  • FedEx 1 Day 10%
  • First Class $.05
  • Priority Mail $.05
Monthly Order Vollume
  • FedEx Ground 7%
  • FedEx 2 Day 7%
  • FedEx 1 Day 15%
  • First Class $.10
  • Priority Mail $.10
Monthly Order Vollume
  • FedEx Ground 10%
  • FedEx 2 Day 10%
  • FedEx 1 Day 25%
  • First Class $.15
  • Priority Mail $.15
Monthly Order Vollume
  • Requires Custom Quote
  • Requires Custom Quote
  • Requires Custom Quote
  • Requires Custom Quote
  • Requires Custom Quote

Other Services & Fees

$1.50 per order for Military and International addresses, and for supplemental insurance for postal orders.

$65.00/month  WAIVED FOR THE 1st MONTH.

$15/month per 4’x4’x’4 pallet (based on actual inventory on hand)


Breakable items and items requiring special packaging are subject to an additional packaging fee, provided this constitutes the majority of orders. If special packaging is required for your items, you may either provide your own packaging, or we will purchase packaging on your behalf and bill you back at our expense.

Negotiated based on scope of project.

$1.00 / bin / month if your bins exceed the allotment above. May be waived if inventory is received in high quantities and properly labeled.

Services such as Signature required, insurance, COD, etc are billed at the carrier rate.

TPB options are available, but will be negotiated based on volume.

How do fulfillment fees compare to doing it yourself

One full-time employee @ $10.00 per hour, without benefits, will cost you around $2000 per month.
With us, you only pay fees when we ship your orders. You don’t pay us for coffee breaks, sick days, holidays, or vacations, like you do with your own employees.
You would not require a space to store and process your orders.
Having the ability to grow your business without requiring additional space and staff.
Limiting Staff to marketing, customer service, and administration.
Where are you located? Our facility is located in Minnesota, which means that 74% of the US population is Zone 5 or less! This could translate into a huge savings on your shipping expense!
Our fees are low because we are very efficient at processing orders. Our systems and staff are geared towards the most effective methods of order processing. We have highly sophisticated software, and experienced staff.

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