Outsourcing Fulfillment Services = Turning a Larger Profit

loader in warehouse with palletBusinesses must turn a profit in order to stay in business.  Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Too bogged down with daily tasks that you struggle to do anything more than daily tasks?  If you are willing to turn over some control, salve we can help you increase your profit margins and…”YES”…achieve success!

Variable costs involved in maintaining your own warehouse become fixed when choosing to outsource while still giving you indirect control of the order fulfillment process.

Variable costs including employees, benefits, insurance, and overhead are constantly changing. Do you need to hire and then lay off? Unemployment costs are staggering these days! Choosing a fulfillment house to outsource your order fulfillment process produces fixed costs. Cost models become easier to build and business decisions can be made based on known values rather than speculations.

Also consider the family run company. Costs are reduced by doing it all yourself, however, valuable time is spent shipping out orders, purchasing shipping supplies, tracking inventory, processing returns. Releasing those mundane tasks to a fulfillment house would open up marketing/sales growth opportunities. Attend trade shows, take a class, make sales calls, create a marketing plan. Opportunities for growing your business will become attainable!

With retail’s big shift to online shopping, even well-known companies have discovered the cost-saving benefits of fulfillment including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Hewlett Packard.

With a potential savings of 20-50% over current expenses, choosing to outsource to a third-party fulfillment house might make sense for you, too!

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